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AML auditing & reporting

High quality AML services at the lowest prices.

AB AML abides by principles of integrity, transparency and confidentiality

Who are we?


Who are we?

Established in early 2017 and headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, our company provides a full range of Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) services to clients in New Zealand and Australia.

We offer:

  • Quick turnaround

  • Competitive pricing with no hidden costs

  • Local technical and legislative knowledge with our consultants certified by ACAMS

  • Professional and bespoke service

  • Comprehensive service

  • Credible verification sources using industry bench-marked technology

Plus, we're now offering a free first consultation!

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AML Business
Taking Your Business to the next level

AML Products

The safeguarding from financial crime fits neatly between regulation and crime prevention. We're all about anti-money laundering legislation compliance.

AML Legislation Compliance

Small and medium-sized businesses in New Zealand and Australia are now confronted with a new challenge following the introduction of the AML/CFT Act Phase 2. In response to this, we have developed highly cost-effective, tailored AML products that encompass training, auditing & reporting, consulting, and Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

Business Support

AB AML offers business-hours phone support for all AML inquiries and issues. Whether you have questions about identity verification or any other AML-related matters, our phone support ensures that professional and expert advice is just a call away.

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Intl. Collaborations

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AB AML excels in conducting audits, mandatory risk assessments, developing tailored AML programs, and performing annual reviews. We can also provide assistance with all compliance reporting requirements. Our services are competitively priced, with auditing starting at just $1500, inclusive of GST.

In accordance with New Zealand and Australian AML legislation, all entities must:

  • Conduct AML risk assessments and program audits once every two years.

  • Submit an annual AML report to the Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand and the relevant Australian authority annually.

  • Report any required suspicious activities.

  • Update risk assessments and programs as necessary.

AB AML has created a range of AML programs designed to help reporting entities in both New Zealand and Australia manage costs effectively.

Auditing & Reporting


“Excellent service. They have an an outstanding knowledge and understanding of the AML regime.”


Shiju John Manayil




We understand that often reporting entities just want to make sure they've got it right. We offer consulting services to businesses to ensure they become, and remain compliant. We are knowledgeable about AML related bills passing through parliament.

Risk Assessment

We offer consultative advice for conducting and reviewing risk assessments, programmes and identification of compliance obligations. We understand the importance of ensuring AML policies, procedures and controls must be sufficiently robust to reasonably address the risks identified in the risk assessment. 

Business Support

We provide ongoing professional support and all clients are provided with updates regarding guidelines and AML/CFT news. Our business phone support for all AML related enquiries is highly valued by customers who often need answers within a short time-frame.

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New Zealand and Australian AML legislation mandates reporting entities to 'know their customers' and verify their identities.

​We conduct various forms of stakeholder/customer identity verification and checking using cutting-edge technology at highly competitive rates.

Our services inclde:

•    Identity Verification, including passport and visa checks.
•    Criminal History Checks
•    Adverse Media/Integrity Checks
•    Sanction List Checks
•    PEP Checks
•    Credit Checks
•    Directorship verification

Additionally, we offer verification software solutions for high-volume identity checking requirements in both New Zealand and Australia.

Customer Due Diligence
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Our Address

Level 7, 181 Willis Street

Te Aro, Wellington

New Zealand. 6011

Postal Address

PO Box 11058

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Te Aro, Wellington

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